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AWEX was established in 1989 as a private company successfully developing in the field of purchasing, packaging, and distribution of onions and potatoes over the years. Currently we are supplying major supermarket brands in Poland. Our selected and fresh-packed products are delivered to our customers by frigo trucks daily.

Our production lines consist of machines used for unloading, cleaning, washing, drying, and sorting, as well as weighing and packing devices. Recently introduced automatization of production line enables us not only to achieve a high level of flexibility but also reduce the completion time of orders.


AWEX is the leader of a producer group gathering farmers who cultivate fields in compliance with GlobalGAP standards, which assures that the goods purchased from the growers meet all the requirements of safe modern farming. HACCP system, concerning hazard analysis and critical control points, implemented in the company, results in a production system that is completely safe for the final consumer. Additionally, we are in possession of a certificate which allows us to pack and distribute organic products.

Supermarkets and suppliers are welcome to contact us – see “COOPERATION”.




The majority of potatoes packed by Awex is grown by Polish farmers as a result of a long-term cooperation within the GlobalGAP producer group. Farms are located in almost every part of Poland: Greater Poland , Łódź Province, Kuyavia, Pomerania, and Lower Silesia. Thanks to the growers’ experience, as well as introduction of new varieties that are appealing to customers, we raise the quality standards of distributed potatoes year by year. The goods are packed in various types of packaging with weights depending on customer’s requirements.



The offered potatoes are divided into 3 main culinary types:

Type A (salad potatoes) - potatoes characterized by a low level of starch, due to which they remain firm and moist after boiling. They do not crumble easily, which enables cooked potatoes to be diced or sliced. They are perfect for potato salads, casseroles, and fried dishes, eg. Spanish tortilla. Examples of varieties: Annabelle, Erika, Ditta, Marilyn.

Type B (versatile) - The most popular type of potato. An average level of starch makes it an excellent daily choice as both boiled and mashed potatoes. May be successfully used for frying or in salads.  Examples of varieties: Gala, Lord, Denar.

Type C (starchy) - A type with the highest level of starch and very loose flesh. A perfect choice for puree, as well as various dumplings and potato pancakes. This type is also recommended for potato soup. Examples of varieties: Victoria, Challenger, Innovator.

It is more and more frequent for mixed types, such as AB or BC, to occur on the market. Thanks to its versatile characteristics, one type might be suitable for preparing salad and mashed potatoes. The most popular varieties of AB type are Colomba, Vineta, and Agata.  While Melody, Lilly, Irga, and Bryza represent type BC.

We offer both yellow and red-skinned potatoes.




We offer onions originating mostly from Polish farms. Thanks to the process of ventilating and drying onions, as well as cleaning the peel, we can ensure a final product of appropriate quality and durability. We purchase onion from sets and seeds planted in winter and spring, which allows us to provide year-round availability. Apart from yellow onions, we also offer red onions, white onions, sweet onions, and shallots, as well as peeled onions. Our onions are packed in packaging of various types and sizes depending on the customer’s needs.






We encourage potato and onion producers from Poland and whole Europe to cooperate.

We are searching for high-quality vegetables, possibly grown on farms with GlobalGAP certificate. We guarantee quick payment and a possibility to receive a vast amount of goods.

Jakub Jaroszuk, e-mail:

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 110, mob. 0048 665 180 860


P.P.U.H. Awex Sp. z o.o.
Kościuszków 11
63-460 Nowe Skalmierzyce

tel.+48 62 762 00 56
fax.+48 62 762 09 84


VAT number: PL6180040032

Sąd Rejonowy Poznań
IX Wydział Gospodarczy
KRS NR 0000104325
REGON 003340044
Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 270 000,00 zł


Chief Executive Officer

Radosław Tyc

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 103

Accountancy department

Maria Teodorczyk

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 109

Quality department

Agnieszka Maniewska

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 121

Sales invoices, office

Marzanna Ladorska

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 106

Domestic purchase

Jan Olgrzymek

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 120

Sales and purchase

Jakub Jaroszuk

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 110

mob. 0048 665 180 860


Paulina Białas

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 127

mob. 0048 603 430 660


Dominika Szeremeta

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 126

mob. 0048 663 590 690


Marcin Matuszkiewicz

tel. 0048 62 762 00 56, ext. 107

Raw material invoicing

Monika Helińska

tel. 62 762 00 56, ext. 108

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